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What is ACO?

AnimeCards.Org is the largest collection of anime trading card information in English. The site has gone through a lot of changes but we have been collecting card information for more than 20 years.

What isn't in ACO?

It's an arbitrary line but there is definitely a priority in what we will include in ACO and what we will not bother to work to include. Ultimately, the question is do collectors want this information?

We don't generally collect trading card games or card games in general. People who collect trading cards don't generally collect trading card games so need is low, and trading card game information is actually pretty complicated to organize so difficulty is high. But if you want to donate this information, we can include it.

The line is absolutely absolutely arbitrary, but we do not collect actively collect information on the following: clear files, can badges, pins.

Reproduction vs. Reprint

I am translating 復刻 as a reproduction. My thinking is “reprints” should be reserved for 2版 type things, like for the Evangelion Carddass Masters. Just one of many lines in the sand to draw, I am open to changing.

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