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Vandread : ヴァンドレッド

Series info

  • Series name (EN): Vandread
  • Series name (JP): ヴァンドレッド
  • Series ACO code: Not set
  • Series ID: Not Set

In a universe where men and women are mortal enemies, Hibiki is captured by a band of female pirates. The group find themselves stranded with a super ship they dub the Nirvana and set out for the female home planet. Along the way, they discover the existence of the “The Harvest” and the possible destruction of both men and women.

The Vandread cards are pretty hard to find, on top of that, there are a bunch of promos. This website has good coverage of the kind of thing I'm talking about There were two trading card sets, one for each season, in addition to a special pack of 6 SP cards. There were also promos released with DVDs and CDs.

Set list

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